DSD is most popular one day program which will allow you to try the special feeling of breathing and moving underwater.

If you are not ready for a certification course or do not have enough time to do a full lesson, Discover Scuba program is the perfect way to test to see if you like it, get a glimpse into the fascinating world of the ocean and how a real dive looks like.

Under the direct supervision of a PADI professional, wearing full scuba gear, you can dive to a maximum depth of 12m.

The program represents an introduction to scuba diving, it is not a certification, so after the completion of the lesson you will not be able to dive independently, but you will learn some basics of how to use the equipment, skills and safety rules, information that gradually becomes more detailed when you take the next step to your full scuba certification course.

The program starts in the in classroom with a briefing that will cover all the necessary details about how the dive will be conducted, the equipment, some basic notions from the physics of diving that describes how our body reacts underwater and the skills that, later on, will be practiced in confined water. All have the meaning of making you more relaxed, confident and comfortable during your trip under the surface. After going in the water and getting familiar with all the new sensations and gear and after taking the first breath underwater, everything will seem so natural that all the concerns that might have occurred before will be replaced by joy and wonder about what the sea has to reveal. In Thassos we are blessed to have all the summer season time clear and warm water reach in sea life and vibrant colors.

At our dive center, each one who attends this program will receive a personal supervision so your only concern will be to breath and gather unforgettable memories from the underwater realm.

The dives are made by boat so we can reach places otherwise inaccessible and where the underwater scape is reach and beautiful. By contrast, the shore dives are mostly very shallow and the bottom of the sea is sandy and unimpressive. The boat dives are comfortable, no one needs to carry his/hers own equipment to the entry in the sea or swim on the surface till reaching the desired spot for starting the dive.

Photos of your experience will be provided, included in the price of the program.

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