At Gorgona Divers we are ready to suit everybody’s needs. With patience and professionalism we will prepare you for the big jump so you feel safe, enjoy and reach in a fun, relaxed way the desired level of education, with disregard of your previous experience. From the first time dive (Discover Scuba Diving) to Master Scuba Diver and professional rating of Divemaster, we will advise which one proves better for your expectations and provide you with the required expert instruction, throughout the whole process, so you feel confident and enrich our knowledge.

If you are searching for a new adventure, SCUBA DIVING is the perfect way to open a door to an astonishing world! If you never tried it, take the plunge and the sea will reveal a new and amazing territory! If you are already familiar with the depth, dare more and expand your boundaries!


Discover Scuba Diving

Try how it feels to breathe and move underwater, under direct supervision of a PADI professional, without attending a full certification course.

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Open Water

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This is your passport for adventure! Take the plunge into the first full course which will offer you the freedom to explore the places you dreamed for!

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Advanced Open Water

Become more confident and comfortable in the water, gain experience and extend your knowledge.

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Demanding, challenging and most fun part of training as many divers described it, PADI Rescue Diver will prepare you to react promptly and appropriate to emergency situations that can occur in the water.

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Master Scuba Diving

Master Scuba Diver is the black-belt of scuba diving.

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